My First Thanksgiving!

No, I don’t mean this was my first Thanksgiving…I mean this was my first time hosting Thanksgiving. For 12 people. In our apartment. Sorry for the late posting!

Now, most people would think I’m straight up CRAZY for even suggesting this. But we had a wedding to go to the weekend right after the holiday in North Carolina and didn’t see the point of trekking up 95 N to our families to just go back 95 S to NC sooo we had everyone come here.

BUT honestly it was a great day. I am #blessed to have the most supportive parents & in-laws who helped out A TON and I wouldn’t have been able to pull this off without them. We rearranged our furniture to be able to fit two tables, I set out my late grandmother’s china, & crafted A LOT in preparation for the day.

Below are some highlights:

We have a tradition where someone is the designated turkey for the day and they have to wear the Turkey Hat (It’s really fun to chant TURKEY HAT! TURKEY HAT!). I found this awesome post on the Silhouette America blog that I tweaked a bit (used paper instead of balloon for the gobbler and didn’t buy all the designs only the hat and the feathers). Isn’t it cute?!


The wall our dining room table is perpendicular to is completely bare, we’ve looked into some prints but haven’t found anything we like. I knew I wanted to put a wall decal & a little something else to had some whimsy and also to jazz up that wall since it was going to be at the head of the table for our feast. I decided to create a wall decal using gold vinyl (I used Cricut brand even though I have a Silhouette– it was the only gold vinyl I saw at the craft store). I bought the Give Thanks design from the Silhouette Design Store then cut it out and placed it on the wall using transfer paper (comment if you need more details but it was SO easy). Then I hung the cutest little paper garland (from my friends Etsy Shop, Luxeworthy <– check it out!) with some gold sparkly tape…and DONE.


Here are my awesome parents stuffing our 20.5 lbs bird–Learned SO MUCH about this process but mostly that it’s hilarious & takes determination. Here’s a little glimpse into our little but nice apartment kitchen!


I also cut out brown paper maple leaf napkin rings (I forgot to snag a pic!) but they’re in the Silhouette Design Store, really no skill required: download, place as many as you can fit to a page, cut out, assemble.

I’ve been playing around a lot with digitizing my own handwriting so I digitized my handwriting for “im thankful for” and cut out on silver printable foil (Silhouette brand) and put on kraft paper 3×5 cards I cut out using my Silhouette as well. [Sidenote: I try to remember what my life was like without a Silhouette and it’s bleak. Dramatic, I know.]


So there you have it, check out the pano below Matt took of the whole crew/set-up (you can only see the back of my head). It was the first joint-family holiday, but I’m excited for many more to come and to eventually have a proper house to fit everyone it. But as my aunt said “‘a home filled with love has no walls’ and it looks like there was a lot of love there.”


Stay tuned as I decorate for Christmas!!