Fall to Winter Wreath

I have been crafting all things Thankgiving/Fall recently in preparation of hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our families next week. Yes, families, as in 12 people + my parent’s dog will be feasting at our apartment for the holiday.

So what better way to welcome  my guest than with a cute wreath on the door. I found the idea for the wreath from this blog. I had every intention of making exactly the wreath Little Lovelies has in her tutorial, but my trip to Michael’s last weekend proved that no one cares about Thanksgiving anymore and it’s all Christmas all the time. I searched that store top to bottoms for any fall leaves — and nothing. So, I revised the plan with the options available and ended with faux poinsettia flowers. I nixed the glitter initial on the wreath after I couldn’t find a size & style that looked good with the grapevine wreath I picked.

Final Supplies:
1) Grapevine Wreath (small-medium sized)
2) Off-White Burlap Ribbon (2.5in width)
3) Dark Red/Purple Poinsettia Garland
4) Hot Glue Gun
5) Command Hook & Strips (I had a little clear hook already so I used that to hang the wreath on my apartment door)

I basically followed the same directions Little Lovelies gives, to make the loops with the burlap, glue on the flower, then glue the little unit to the wreath . I configured it a few different ways before I ended up with my final product. I really like the simplicity of the wreath and it makes our apartment more homey!

Final Product:


Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving decorations as I prepare for next week!


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