Self-Inking Address Stamp

Matt & I have been in our apartment since February and we’ve decided it’s a good place for us to stay until we buy a house. With that decision made, I jumped on getting a self-inking address stamp. I send A LOT of cards to my friends & family and have had my eye on one for a while.

I took a peek at a few companies on groupon but ultimately I wanted to get one from a maker on Etsy. So after looking at some different options I decided to go with a shop called SimpleANDPretty.

This is the listing I picked for our stamp. Jamie sent a proof in a few hours of purchase and I decided to do an ampersand (&) instead of the heart between our names. The stamp shipped that same night I ordered (Tuesday) and I got it on Saturday, so the shipping time was fast! Here is a picture of the cute little packaging it came in:


I would LOVE to show you the awesome quality of the stamp buuuut then you’d know where I live. SO just take my word for it…SimpleANDPretty makes simple and pretty address stamps.


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